The diamonds of Kalimantan

The misty jungles of Borneo hold more than one secret: the diamonds hidden within their rivers have been used to seal pacts and promises for centuries. Sultans would use them to pay ransoms, Indian merchants would risk their lives to get a hold of them, and adventurers of every stripe have tried to tempt fate by going in search of them. As history would have it, the diamonds end up being lugged from Borneo to faraway lands, where skilled Flemish carvers would turn these fabulous prehistoric stones into rose-cut pieces or remarkable Victorian diamonds.

Besides diamonds, within the jungle are held the dreams, triumphs and tombs of a thousand long-forgotten travellers. And lately, it seems to be hiding a few other things, too.

Jaime, an ornithologist going through a difficult period, decides to seize an opportunity that has opened up before him and travels to Borneo. But he isn’t alone; he’ll soon find himself in the company of strange friends. With them, he’ll end up crossing the territory of the Dayak, the ancient head-hunters; and what they’ll experience together will show him that his old problems were but trivial matters. Although he’s already begun to sense it just as he arrives on the island, during his first night in the magnificent (and yet filthy) Mindanao Cinco Estrellas

archipielago nina melero