Tenebrario: twelve shivers and a nightmare is a collection of short stories in which the inexplicable penetrates everyday life, altering it irreversibly and giving it a new meaning.

The texture of nightmares, the impossibility of truly knowing oneself or the fear of fear itself are some of the topics explored in this book, based on the certainty that we can only see who we really are in the deforming mirror of the fantastic.



Presentation at the European Bookshop, London, with Litro Magazine, 2010. Portraits by Pete Millson


‘Fables, dreams that turn real, mortal games, neighbourly disputes or buildings erected by the imagination are the structures that hold up these magnificent stories. […] A good, honest book, full of the things it should have: humour, tension, fantasy and, as promised by the title, darkness, tenebrism, death.’

El placer de la lectura, August 2010

‘Nina Melero takes us to the nethermost regions of nightmares and human relations.’

A mí me gusta leer, July 2010

‘All the stories hide something, a secret, a murky past, an unconfessable truth, so we could easily apply Schelling’s definition of the sinister: The sinister is something which should remain hidden but is revealed.’

Minotauro digital, October 2010

‘A collection of spine-chilling stories guaranteed to disturb even the boldest of readers.’

Grant & Cutler International, May 2010