‘Fables, dreams that turn real, mortal games, neighbourly disputes or buildings erected by the imagination are the structures that hold up these magnificent stories. […] A good, honest book, full of the things it should have: humour, tension, fantasy and, as promised by the title, darkness, tenebrism, death.’

El Placer de la Lectura, August 2010


‘Nina Melero takes us to the nethermost regions of nightmares and human relations.’

A Mí Me Gusta Leer, July 2010


‘All the stories hide something, a secret, a murky past, an unconfessable truth, so we could easily apply Schelling’s definition of the sinister: “The sinister is something which should remain hidden but is revealed.” ’

Minotauro Digital – October 2010


‘A collection of spine-chilling stories guaranteed to disturb even the boldest of readers.’

Grant & Cutler International – May 2010



In Litro Magazine, by Katy darby

In Revista de Letras, by Laura Rodríguez

In Babab, by Armando Gonzalez